weekends are what I was made for

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Friday night the mister and I played a show at our favorite little pub. The place was hoppin’ when we arrived and didn’t let up until we played our final note (some die-hards continued on even after). Usually after a show we go searching for some thing to eat, and that night was no different. Instead of our usual Dino’s Pizza, we hit up a fry shack that we never even noticed before. We split a footlong (relish on my half, but definitely not on his) and an order of fresh-cut, beefsteak fries. They we de-lish. As usual, I fell asleep 20 minutes into the drive home, and who could blame me with a belly full of deep-fry.


Saturday was glorious; the sun was shining, the skies were blue and there was yard work to be done. We conquered the back 40; raking out the gardens and pruning the over-grown bushes and trees. After a quick pit-stop of spiral Kraft Dinner and smoothies, we finished up the last of the tidying and called it a day. Around 6 o’clock we hopped on our bicycles and pedaled down to the local pizzeria and put an order in. Not much happened after the devouring of the pie. It was a lazy evening that ended in an early bedtime.


Sunday was grey and rainy, but the tulips were thankful I’m sure. We headed down to the farm for an evening band rehearsal. And upon returning home, we spent a good hour watching Dolly & Kenny singing Islands in the Stream on you tube (in the name research). Feist and the Constantines also do a great cover of the song, a new flavor for sure.


And now here I sit, back at my gloomy desk on Monday morning. I need a new job, a new routine, a new view. Only 5 more days til Friday…


5 Good things about this weekend:
1. Fantastic weather
2. Lots of yard work done
3. Rode my bike for the first time this year
4. Great gig on Friday night, sold a few cds too
5. Baked a batch of homemade granola


waiting to decompress

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Well, I didn’t think it would actually come, but alas today is Friday – the most sought after day of this working girls week. We’ve got a gig tonight at our favorite little pub. The owner and staff are super swell and feel like family. Plus, their beer selection is by-far the bestest ev-ah (all local microbrews). We’re playing an acoustic duo gig tonight, just me and the mister, which is kinda-sorta like a date in itself (just in front of an audience).

The weather around these parts is forcasted to be quite lovely. Hopefully I’ll get around to clearing out the gardens and tiding up the yard. I’m also on the hunt for a picnic table, maybe the classified gods will bring me one soon. Other than that, no too much on the go. With the cost of gasoline shooting through the roof, we’re trying to make a conscious effort to keep close to home.


5 Good things about yesterday:
1. Patio gig bookings started rolling in
2. Received a custom-order from my Etsy shop
3. Re-arranged my desk space at work, feels a little fresher
4. Found cake in the freezer (cake is good, eating it is not so good)
5. Got my workout in

here, there & everywhere

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I feel like my thoughts are flying out in every direction. I have so many ideas and plans, but not one seems to coordinate with the other, and the more I think about them (all of them), the more exhausted it makes me.

My job drives me crazy, and it plays a huge role in my negativity and emotional well being, but unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about. Just have to stick it out I guess.

My Mondo Beyond course started with an exercise in creating clearings (both physical and mental). Upon making my list of things to let go of, I was surprised by my findings. As soon as I wrote them down on paper, it felt as a though a huge weight had been taken off of me. I realize that these are things that I’ll have to work on, but acknowledging them and giving them a physical presence in the real world somehow makes it easier. And so the journey begins.

Last night was the same-old routine. The mister is on night shift again, which isn’t all that bad. My evenings are spent with the dogs (taking them to the park) and then I can devote a whole hour to working out, which is good (or so I have to tell myself). After that, there’s usually about an hour of down time to catch up on recorded tv shows or Cosby re-runs. It’s a gripping life I must say.


5 Good things about yesterday:
1. Got another Etsy sale
2. Made some time for inner-reflection
3. Applied for a new job
4. Had the whole park to ourselves (me & the dogs)
5. Did 45 minutes of cardio, then weights (yay)

what happened to spring?


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Yesterday was cold, rainy and there were even traces of snow mulling about. Yeah, snow. Last time I checked, this was April. Apparently tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm(er), so here’s hoping things are looking up. On the bright-side, my spring bulbs are pushing up through the soil. I went to town last year and planted tons of new flowers, this anticipation is killing me.

A pretty unadventurous evening last night (like most). I got home and decided to pour a tall glass of Mocha Porter and get to work on a make-shift dinner. I gathered up some odds and sods, and in the end had a quite-tasty ravioli dinner partnered with broiled cheesy bread. Sometimes I amaze myself, lol.

After dinner, the mister and I took the dogs out for a walk, then retired on the couch for some Top Gear therapy. It just so happened to be my most-favorite episode (repeat) – the Vietnam motorbike trip. We are planning a trip to visit that beautiful country next fall, so watching the program was even more exciting.


5 Good things about yesterday:
1. home-made granola for breakfast
2. got tickets to go see my favorite band, concert isn’t until May, but something to look forward to for sure
3. started the first lesson in the Dream Lab, got the gears turning
4. funny back-and-forth emails with my mom
5. played with Hank while the others were out, he thoroughly enjoyed it, lol

on my way to becoming a You Tube sensation

I’m not one to learn new things. I mean, I love the idea of learning new skills to better myself, but when it actually comes around to hashing the details out, I get frustrated and annoyed (rather quickly, I might add). So when I sat down to edit a video in iMovie, I was quite surprised at how easy it truly was.

We’ve taken to recording most of our gigs as of lately, both to post on You Tube (with hopes of becoming the next Justin Beiber) and also to learn from (ie. this is how NOT to dance while on stage… ugh). With a handful of “movies” under my belt, I thought I’d share one with you (and hope you’ll like the song as well, it’s an original don’tchaknow).

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch around 8:30pm. The only crappy thing about falling asleep so early was that I missed the last half of Top Gear (which translates to: missing James May… *sigh* … don’t even get me started).

On with the list.

5 Good Things About Yesterday
1. Didn’t have to get gas on the way to or from work (detest stopping for gas)
2. 13° weather (spring, finally!)
3. left-over peanut butter coffee crumb cake
4. laughing with B while doing the dishes
5. found a great donut recipe to try out (first I need a donut pan…)

weekend in review

This past weekend seemed to fly by and although it felt super-busy, I really didn’t do too much. We had a gig on Saturday afternoon at Georgian College, but other than that, I didn’t leave the house. I did dust off some of my domestic skills yesterday and cooked up a storm. Before 10 am, I had a batch of home-made granola cooling on the counter and some fancy-schmancy scrambled eggs (with coriander and cheddar) and toast made for breakfast. For dinner I made a surprisingly tasty turkey meatloaf (hello 1950’s) with roasted potatoes and corn. But it was dessert that seemed to cap off the whole day. It’s no secret that me and the mister are peanut butter junkies. So when I found a recipe for peanut butter crumble coffee cake, I couldn’t get out the mixing bowls fast enough. We may or may not have had 2 slices each… just sayin’.

My Mondo Beyond course kicks off today, and I can’t wait to dive in.


5 Good Things about the weekend:
1. Sunny and warm weather (spring is upon us)
2. Ate my first BBQ hamburger to the season
3. Baked a fantastically scrumptious peanut butter coffee cake
4. Squeezed in 2 workouts (which were cancelled out by said cake)
5. Played a good show on Saturday afternoon

farewell socks

Well, it’s April first. I’m hoping that winter is finally behind us, but you never really can be sure ’round these parts. In celebration of the warmer temperatures, I’ve gone sans-socks today. My toes feel a tinge of liberation but my shoulders are envious under my sweater. Soon enough the sun will return for business as usual.

I played a gig last night at a bar downtown Toronto. Things ran a little later than planned (at the time I wasn’t concerned). We played an energy-packed set and the crowd seemed appreciative. By the time we cleared out, it was midnight, which doesn’t sound late… but for a girl who still had an hour and a half drive to get home, and had to be up at 5:30am, it was a bit of a debbie-downer. Good news was that I slept most of the way, man/bass player/roadie drove and made it home in record time.

To say I look tired this morning is an understatement I’m sure. I did try at least to gussy myself up, but these tired eyes don’t lie. But on the upside, I can play the ‘rockstar’ card and people seem to think better of me, lol.

Okay, on with the list….

5 Good Things about yesterday
1. Left work an hour early
2. Man had dinner waiting for me when I got home
3. Absolutely perfect drive into and home from the city – no traffic – a rarity
4. Designed some smokin’ cool business cards for the band
5. Had a great time hanging out with drummer and his lovely wife

If you’re interested, here’s a clip of us covering John Prines classic Angel of Montgomery from last weekends show.