The weather man is calling for rain all week. I guess that’s his way of taking payment for the lovely weekend we just had. At least I’ll be inside working all week, so it’s really not that bad I guess.

I had a crappy sleep last night. Both dogs decided they needed to take up as much room on the bed as possible, oh and let’s not forget the constant snoring by Hank (my pug). I ended up staying up later than planned, I got caught up watching some pointless program profiling the late Princess Diana and Kate Middleton (I’m not a royal family follower by no means). The worst part was that I couldn’t turn it off… some things are just bigger than me.

5 Good Things about Yesterday:
1. 2 more Etsy sales (I’m on a roll… maybe I can quit my job soon)
2. No traffic, quite possibly the best drive ever, to and from work
3. Finished Eclipse (yes I’m behind and equally embarrassed)
4. Learned the harmonica part to Mary Jane’s Last Dance
5. Started a fun little blog paying homage to James

*photo found here