I’ve fallen off the wagon. My promise of daily reflection has been left on the shoulder of a deserted country road and the buzzards are circling. All I can say is that I’ll try harder, but really, that’s no guarantee.

Fresh off a 3-day weekend, I’ve got some gusto in my step (or perhaps it’s all the Easter chocolate pumping through me…). The weather this weekend was fantastic. The mister and I finished up the rest of our yard work then headed out to a friends cottage on Friday evening. We spent the better part of our visit consuming tasty beverages and dying eggs (note: there were no children present… just a table full of adults dying easter eggs). Saturday we hosted the Easter feast at our house. I’ve never prepared a traditional dinner (of sorts) for a bunch of people, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But in the end, it went off without a hitch (and barely dented my OCD). Sunday we headed down to the city for a band jam. Hashed out some new tunes and laughed alot. The big gig is coming up in 2 weeks.

And now I’m sitting back in my little grey cubicle, face forward and fingers tapping away at the keys (pretending to be working, all the while divulging my inner secrets here…). This 5-day week is going to feel like forever.

5 Good things about last weekend:
1. 3-day weekend
2. Sunny, warm weather
3. Good times spent with friends
4. Cooked my first holiday dinner (and it turned out)
5. Caught a recent episode of Top Gear last night, James looked smashingly handsome… lol