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The mister worked all weekend, which usually translates to me spending time with my mama. We kicked off Saturday with a hearty diner breakfast, which was fan-tas-tic (and very wallet-friendly). Then we headed out for some retail therapy, trying to beat the gloomy, rainy weather. I scored a super-duper whale of a deal on a cute sweater dress, marked down to an incredible eight dollars (I know!). I also picked up a really nice chef knife in the clearance bin and a new spring jacket. Upon returning to the homestead, we decided to do some baking (and beer tasting) and whipped up a batch of red velvet cupcakes. Which were pretty darn tasty to boot, and were a nice compliment to the banana bread beer (which was sadly the last bottle and is only available in Ireland… boo). After a hearty pasta dinner, I packed up the doggies and we headed home to see the mister. It was a good day.

Sunday was typical. Cleaning and tidying. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Baking and granola making. I tried my hand at a new oatmeal raisin cookie, the results were good, but I think they could be better next time by a few tweaks… a hint more cinnamon and maybe some nutmeg and perhaps a scoop of  greek yogurt to soften them up a little.

With Easter bounding down the trail, it makes for a nice, short work week. We’re having the traditional dinner at our house this year. I’ve never cooked a big dinner before, and I’m slightly nervous. But the mister keeps reminding me that I’m only “re-heating” a ham…

5 Good things about the weekend:
1. Scooping deal on a cute dress
2. Experimented with a new granola recipe that turned out awesome
3. Cleaned out the closet and did a good will run
4. Worked on a new song
5. Spent a nice day with my mom