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I apologize for yesterday, I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything, as there was absolutely nothing to write about (yes, it’s a gripping life that I lead). Not much has happened in the course of 24 hours either, so today will be a little bland as well, and there’s no amount of salt that could cure it.

I awoke from a strange dream this morning. Strange is a good way though. My favorite band was playing a show in my town, and for some reason before the show they all came to hang out at my house. I was cooking pizza’s in the kitchen and they were all hanging around the island, eating and talking. It was very strange and surreal. I woke up slightly disappointed, leading myself to believe that it could happen one day…


5 Good things about Yesterday:
1. Booked a ton of summer gigs
2. Negotiated a 30 minute workout in turn for an ice cream reward
3. Watched a pretty cool documentary about Great Lake shipwrecks
4. Possibly found the Ray Bans that I’ve been looking for (awaiting shipping info)
5. Decided on some great Easter recipes (I’m hosting this year)