Halong Bay, Vietnam {found here}


We, the mister and I, are planning a trip to Vietnam next fall. I’m so enamoured by the beauty of it (at least what I’ve seen in pictures). I cannot put into words how excited I am, and there is still soooo much time between then and now.

My Mondo course is going well. It’s amazing how simple things can make significant changes to the way we think or do things. One of the challenges this week is to simply make your bed each morning (promoting a clean & organized mindset). I’ve always been a “straightener”, but never go to the full extent of making it (only on weekends), but this morning I did. I smoothed, I creased and even added the topper pillows; and you know what – I did feel better, I felt like I creating a clear base to start my day. I think I’ll try to adopt it as a daily practice.


5 Good things about Yesterday:
1. Gained a notable musician follower on Twitter (is it silly that I’m excited by that?)
2. Took the dogs for a long walk after work
3. Cooked a proper dinner for myself (which won’t be the case for tonight)
4. Treated myself to ice cream after my workout
5. Learned Islands in the Stream on guitar