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Friday night the mister and I played a show at our favorite little pub. The place was hoppin’ when we arrived and didn’t let up until we played our final note (some die-hards continued on even after). Usually after a show we go searching for some thing to eat, and that night was no different. Instead of our usual Dino’s Pizza, we hit up a fry shack that we never even noticed before. We split a footlong (relish on my half, but definitely not on his) and an order of fresh-cut, beefsteak fries. They we de-lish. As usual, I fell asleep 20 minutes into the drive home, and who could blame me with a belly full of deep-fry.


Saturday was glorious; the sun was shining, the skies were blue and there was yard work to be done. We conquered the back 40; raking out the gardens and pruning the over-grown bushes and trees. After a quick pit-stop of spiral Kraft Dinner and smoothies, we finished up the last of the tidying and called it a day. Around 6 o’clock we hopped on our bicycles and pedaled down to the local pizzeria and put an order in. Not much happened after the devouring of the pie. It was a lazy evening that ended in an early bedtime.


Sunday was grey and rainy, but the tulips were thankful I’m sure. We headed down to the farm for an evening band rehearsal. And upon returning home, we spent a good hour watching Dolly & Kenny singing Islands in the Stream on you tube (in the name research). Feist and the Constantines also do a great cover of the song, a new flavor for sure.


And now here I sit, back at my gloomy desk on Monday morning. I need a new job, a new routine, a new view. Only 5 more days til Friday…


5 Good things about this weekend:
1. Fantastic weather
2. Lots of yard work done
3. Rode my bike for the first time this year
4. Great gig on Friday night, sold a few cds too
5. Baked a batch of homemade granola