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Well, I didn’t think it would actually come, but alas today is Friday – the most sought after day of this working girls week. We’ve got a gig tonight at our favorite little pub. The owner and staff are super swell and feel like family. Plus, their beer selection is by-far the bestest ev-ah (all local microbrews). We’re playing an acoustic duo gig tonight, just me and the mister, which is kinda-sorta like a date in itself (just in front of an audience).

The weather around these parts is forcasted to be quite lovely. Hopefully I’ll get around to clearing out the gardens and tiding up the yard. I’m also on the hunt for a picnic table, maybe the classified gods will bring me one soon. Other than that, no too much on the go. With the cost of gasoline shooting through the roof, we’re trying to make a conscious effort to keep close to home.


5 Good things about yesterday:
1. Patio gig bookings started rolling in
2. Received a custom-order from my Etsy shop
3. Re-arranged my desk space at work, feels a little fresher
4. Found cake in the freezer (cake is good, eating it is not so good)
5. Got my workout in