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I feel like my thoughts are flying out in every direction. I have so many ideas and plans, but not one seems to coordinate with the other, and the more I think about them (all of them), the more exhausted it makes me.

My job drives me crazy, and it plays a huge role in my negativity and emotional well being, but unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about. Just have to stick it out I guess.

My Mondo Beyond course started with an exercise in creating clearings (both physical and mental). Upon making my list of things to let go of, I was surprised by my findings. As soon as I wrote them down on paper, it felt as a though a huge weight had been taken off of me. I realize that these are things that I’ll have to work on, but acknowledging them and giving them a physical presence in the real world somehow makes it easier. And so the journey begins.

Last night was the same-old routine. The mister is on night shift again, which isn’t all that bad. My evenings are spent with the dogs (taking them to the park) and then I can devote a whole hour to working out, which is good (or so I have to tell myself). After that, there’s usually about an hour of down time to catch up on recorded tv shows or Cosby re-runs. It’s a gripping life I must say.


5 Good things about yesterday:
1. Got another Etsy sale
2. Made some time for inner-reflection
3. Applied for a new job
4. Had the whole park to ourselves (me & the dogs)
5. Did 45 minutes of cardio, then weights (yay)