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Yesterday was cold, rainy and there were even traces of snow mulling about. Yeah, snow. Last time I checked, this was April. Apparently tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm(er), so here’s hoping things are looking up. On the bright-side, my spring bulbs are pushing up through the soil. I went to town last year and planted tons of new flowers, this anticipation is killing me.

A pretty unadventurous evening last night (like most). I got home and decided to pour a tall glass of Mocha Porter and get to work on a make-shift dinner. I gathered up some odds and sods, and in the end had a quite-tasty ravioli dinner partnered with broiled cheesy bread. Sometimes I amaze myself, lol.

After dinner, the mister and I took the dogs out for a walk, then retired on the couch for some Top Gear therapy. It just so happened to be my most-favorite episode (repeat) – the Vietnam motorbike trip. We are planning a trip to visit that beautiful country next fall, so watching the program was even more exciting.


5 Good things about yesterday:
1. home-made granola for breakfast
2. got tickets to go see my favorite band, concert isn’t until May, but something to look forward to for sure
3. started the first lesson in the Dream Lab, got the gears turning
4. funny back-and-forth emails with my mom
5. played with Hank while the others were out, he thoroughly enjoyed it, lol