I’m not one to learn new things. I mean, I love the idea of learning new skills to better myself, but when it actually comes around to hashing the details out, I get frustrated and annoyed (rather quickly, I might add). So when I sat down to edit a video in iMovie, I was quite surprised at how easy it truly was.

We’ve taken to recording most of our gigs as of lately, both to post on You Tube (with hopes of becoming the next Justin Beiber) and also to learn from (ie. this is how NOT to dance while on stage… ugh). With a handful of “movies” under my belt, I thought I’d share one with you (and hope you’ll like the song as well, it’s an original don’tchaknow).

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch around 8:30pm. The only crappy thing about falling asleep so early was that I missed the last half of Top Gear (which translates to: missing James May… *sigh* … don’t even get me started).

On with the list.

5 Good Things About Yesterday
1. Didn’t have to get gas on the way to or from work (detest stopping for gas)
2. 13° weather (spring, finally!)
3. left-over peanut butter coffee crumb cake
4. laughing with B while doing the dishes
5. found a great donut recipe to try out (first I need a donut pan…)