This past weekend seemed to fly by and although it felt super-busy, I really didn’t do too much. We had a gig on Saturday afternoon at Georgian College, but other than that, I didn’t leave the house. I did dust off some of my domestic skills yesterday and cooked up a storm. Before 10 am, I had a batch of home-made granola cooling on the counter and some fancy-schmancy scrambled eggs (with coriander and cheddar) and toast made for breakfast. For dinner I made a surprisingly tasty turkey meatloaf (hello 1950’s) with roasted potatoes and corn. But it was dessert that seemed to cap off the whole day. It’s no secret that me and the mister are peanut butter junkies. So when I found a recipe for peanut butter crumble coffee cake, I couldn’t get out the mixing bowls fast enough. We may or may not have had 2 slices each… just sayin’.

My Mondo Beyond course kicks off today, and I can’t wait to dive in.


5 Good Things about the weekend:
1. Sunny and warm weather (spring is upon us)
2. Ate my first BBQ hamburger to the season
3. Baked a fantastically scrumptious peanut butter coffee cake
4. Squeezed in 2 workouts (which were cancelled out by said cake)
5. Played a good show on Saturday afternoon