Well, it’s April first. I’m hoping that winter is finally behind us, but you never really can be sure ’round these parts. In celebration of the warmer temperatures, I’ve gone sans-socks today. My toes feel a tinge of liberation but my shoulders are envious under my sweater. Soon enough the sun will return for business as usual.

I played a gig last night at a bar downtown Toronto. Things ran a little later than planned (at the time I wasn’t concerned). We played an energy-packed set and the crowd seemed appreciative. By the time we cleared out, it was midnight, which doesn’t sound late… but for a girl who still had an hour and a half drive to get home, and had to be up at 5:30am, it was a bit of a debbie-downer. Good news was that I slept most of the way, man/bass player/roadie drove and made it home in record time.

To say I look tired this morning is an understatement I’m sure. I did try at least to gussy myself up, but these tired eyes don’t lie. But on the upside, I can play the ‘rockstar’ card and people seem to think better of me, lol.

Okay, on with the list….

5 Good Things about yesterday
1. Left work an hour early
2. Man had dinner waiting for me when I got home
3. Absolutely perfect drive into and home from the city – no traffic – a rarity
4. Designed some smokin’ cool business cards for the band
5. Had a great time hanging out with drummer and his lovely wife

If you’re interested, here’s a clip of us covering John Prines classic Angel of Montgomery from last weekends show.