We left Toronto at 7:10pm on the Sunday night and after a quick change-over in New Jersey, we were en route to the land of potatoes, Guinness and the gift of gab.

We touched down in Dublin at 10am and groggily made our way to the rental car counter, where we were in for a not-so-pleasant surprise (our Travelocity quoted price was upped by $500 after all the stupid and manditory insurance crap that haunts unsuspecting tourists…). With a little time I let it go; cause after-all we were on a stress-free trip to enjoy ourselves. 10 minutes later, we were driving away in our right-hand drive, manual Hyundai (which Brad would curse for the whole week…).

Our Gatehouse/home-way-from-home was in the town of Celbridge (a suburb of sorts to Dublin), a mere 25 minutes away. After some evasive driving manoeuvers on B’s part (we were used to the other side of the road afterall) and some detours and re-tours, we finally arrived at our diggs.

It was lovely, just like the brochure had pictured.

The rest of that day was spent trying not to fall asleep. So we explored our little town (which was right down the street, a 30 second walk to butchers, pharmacies, cafes & restaurants and of course pubs). We also took a walk in to see the castle which our little house once guarded. It’s crazy how much history and how old everything is over there, it’s aw inspiring to say the least.

After a great night sleep, we pulled ourselves out of bed (by noon) and decided to hop a bus and head into Dublin for the afternoon. Not being much of a city gal, I didn’t know how I would fare, but let me say this I LOVE DUBLIN. Not being touristy folk, we decided to at least partake in a city bus tour which hit up all the sights (and allowed you to hop-off and explore, then catch the next bus round).

Trinity College

quite frankly the reason for the whole trip


stay tuned for the rest of the journey…