Seeing how I slammed you with 2 posts devoted to nothing but the wedding, I thought I’d give y’all a little break before heading into the love-travel posts (some refer to this as “the honeymoon” – ugh, I hate that term).

I couldn’t believe how quickly after the wedding (or in some cases, right after the ceremony) I was asked the question. You know, the question that all twenty-something women get asked shortly after they get married.

“So, when are you guys having kids?”

um, seriously? How about giving the poor girl some time to recover from 8 intensive months of wedding planning before she’s ushered into baby-machine mode. Why is it assumed that since we’re married now, we’re ready to start popping them out? I don’t even know if I even want kids *gasping by the mothers*. B and I made a 3-year plan, and as of now, a baby is not part of it.


But then I see pictures like this and totally could see me with my own little pudgy one (in addition to Hank).