you are my best friend


And just like that the day came; and was gone in a gulp. A friend of mine told me before hand to make sure I was present, to truly live in each and every moment and enjoy myself to the gussets.
And I did.

Here are some moments that were captured by our gracious guests.

me with my wenches, and our mom
(who slaved endless hours on our lovely frocks)


on our way to the altar
(we walked out together with our kids, our little family)


B’s henchmen looking dapper in their Muskoka suite jackets
(flannel & plaid baby!)


I believe this was when B told me I was the colour in his life…


the rings


sister #3 singing a lovely tune


Hank choking on acorns


me with the ‘rents after the ceremony


“we’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have…”


our “forced-into” first dance (me bawling… don’t ask me why)


and of course The Gnomes took to the stage for a few celebratory tunes


and then my Uncle jumped up on stage to sing some Blondie (effin’ right!)


me and Uncle Jeff (before his legendary bird dance)


more to come fo ‘sho! plus some Ireland pics… stay tuned