I used to LOVE making mix tapes. I remember sitting in my bedroom as a longing-to-be-trendy 13 year old, recording the super-cool Top 6 at 6 hits on AM640. Then taking that wonderful little tape and listening to it on my walkman during the bus ride to school. Good music always made the day seem better, even if it was for only the first 20 minutes.

Well yesterday, as I hastily (and some may say illegally) downloaded some tunes for the wedding playlist, I had the urge to get a little retro and make a new mix tape. And although my little vw comes well equipped with a tape deck, my lovely mac does not. So away we went, burnin’ and such. Then out it popped, shiny and hot and ready to be played. LOUD.

I was rocking out hardcore this morning. The mix was perfect. A few classics, some new indie and a shake of reggae.

Oh mix tapes, how I’ve missed you, but am so glad you’re back in my life.
Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours.