Friday night was easy and good.
Frozen pizza, cold beer and Top Gear.
All 4 of us squished on the couch.

Saturday morning I was up early and worked out before the mister got out of bed. I had a few hours of semi-alone time (thanks to H+W) to frivolously flounder on the internet. Scored a scoopin’ deal on stomach-holding-in-panties (aka Spanx), thanks to my tried and true friend Ebay.

During the afternoon we headed into Orillia for some odds and sods. Stopped for a lovely patio lunch at Zat’s. Then dragged our overly stuffed selves up the hill to Art’s Clothing to take in the assorted array of Plaid Flannel shirts and Sorrel winter boots *swoon*. On the way home, we may or may not have grabbed an ice cream cone, I’m not making any admissions…

Saturday evening was spent hunkered down around the coffee table in our pj’s playing Boggle, while watching Antiques Roadshow (no joke, at least we acknowledged it and laughed about it). I won, but that was to be expected, as I am the Boggle champ.

Sunday morning greeted us with cinnamon pancakes and coffee. Followed by the laziness that is always the weekend wind-down.

Good, good. Very good.