I wish I could tell you I’ve been holding up pretty well. Not letting stupid details and hitches get me down. More like B, who lets the water just roll off his back. But I’m not. And with just about 3 weeks to go until this dog and pony show kicks off, a wee part of me wishes we could just pack up Hank & Winn (and the parentals) and say our “I do’s” with the utmost simplicity. But like my mama keeps telling me, the day will be special and fun and the people who want to come and enjoy themselves, will. And to not let the other crap stifle the good. My mama, she’s a wise one.

On the bright side, my ma the dressmaker, has finished prototype dress #468 and we have a winner (yay!). The laying of the patten and cutting of silk has begun and my seriously-for-real-this-time dress is on the horizon.

At least it’s Friday and I have a whole whack of Stock Ale in the fridge waiting to sooth my troubled mind when I get home.