For one, if I were a rich girl, I wouldn’t have to lust over (and over) pretty things on the internet. I would simply buy them. Because whoever said money can’t buy happiness was obviously poor.

Things like these…

(incase your wondering, I didn’t just steal that beauty of a collage, I picked and choosed, hummed and hawed and then spent precious ‘work’ time putting it together)

All of these things are from Anthropology , a store that I long to to shop at, but am much too sensible to spend my measly earnings on a pillow that costs more than my monthly cable bill. But come on, that shower curtain (with it’s ruffles o’plenty) is to die for. TO DIE FOR. I can’t promise I didn’t imagine wearing it as a cape.

Okay, so wonderlust hour is behind me, and it’s back to work. Back to bidding farewell to summer and hello to my annoying boss who keeps walking by as I’m trying to look like I’m working but am actually not…

pee ess, I found out my role in the Music Man. I didn’t get the lead. WTF? I know it’s called The Music MAN, but that didn’t stop Mary Martin from being cast as Peter Pan. Oh well… lol
Instead I got cast as the mayor’s daughter, Zanitta. I don’t know the play at all (should have done my homework prior). Apparently she’s a ditzy teenager. Great.