Last night our town theatre group held auditions for the annual musical production. Not being much of an actor, but very much a singer (but not of the theatre variety, more of the bar-band type) I gave it a shot. I got my feet wet last year with another musical they did, so I walked into the hall with a smidge of elder experience, wise to the world of theatre and drama(queens). This years production is The Music Man.

(token image to hopefully rekindle your interest)

One might assume that it would be somewhat beneficial to have a bit of knowledge of the project before hand, right? Not me, I ignorantly knew nothing, I’m more of the running-head-first-eyes-closed type of girl (plus I’m waaaay too busy and important to do homework, lol). Throughout the murmurs of the crowd I could overhear people referencing the characters and favorite musical numbers. I sat there humming my starting note to myself and taking quick bathroom breaks to offer motivational support to my reflection in the mirror. I was nervous. Which was strange, since I perform with the band almost every weekend. But there is a vast difference to singing on stage in a theatre production than in a dim-lit, low-ceiling, noisy bar. Anyway, I digress…

My name was called and I made my way up to the front of the hall (I made B wait in the hallway, he was making me more nervous), walked up the 5 stairs and stood on stage, finally turning around to look upon the sea of faces that swelled before me.
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and tried my damnedest to calm my trembling nerves. Then, in what seemed like 2 seconds, I finished my song* and then there were applause (always a good sign). I skipped down the stairs and headed out of the building. We won’t find out which parts belong to who until next week. Fingers crossed y’all.

*incase your wondering, I sang At Last by the lovely and crass Etta James