I’m getting married in just under a month and a half. Just for kicks I started a wedding blog when I first started planning (how original, I know). For the most part, I’ve kept the topics rather fluffy. Throwing in odds and sods along the planning path and such. No real issues, harmony was bountiful in the kingdom of wedding blogs. Until last week when I wrote a post that upset a few of members of my audience. You can count on both hands the number of people who read my blog, and for the record, the post was not meant to harm any of them, it was simply a rant. A display of opinion. A personal expression. After all, isn’t that the reason people follow blogs? To hear what one person has to say about various topics? Am I wrong on this? In the end, I resorted to removing the post. It wasn’t worth my sanity to defend myself over and over again, especially in the small group that is family. So, I’ve also decided that if people cannot take the good AND the bad, then I’m sure as shit not wasting my time with such mundane things. After all, I’m getting MARRIED in 47 days! Holy Fawk!

On a lighter note, me and the mister got our rings on the weekend and his lovely oatmeal suit is being tailored as we speak. But the best part of all, is that in 48 days, we’ll be in Ireland, bellying it up at the Temple Bar and learning to drive a stick-shift on the wrong side of the road (hopefully not in that order).