We have a bat in the house.
And it’s not the Adam West kind. Although that may be a little frightening in its own right.

When I got up this morning to let the dogs out, it whisked past my head.
I may have screamed a little. Ok maybe alot. It then proceeded to fly down the landing to the back door but kept on going, making a b-line for the basement. So naturally I ran up the stairs and closed the basement door quite hastily.

Now the only problem is that we have a bat in the basement. Another issue with this, is that we probably won’t be able to find it due to the fact of the old, open-rafter ceiling and lack of lighting.

Needless to say my shirt is a little wrinkly today. I sure as shit wasn’t going to go down to the basement to iron it for christ sake. I figure there are bigger problems with world than an employee’s wrinkly shirt.