*via: ridingpretty*

I bought a bicycle.
I’m quite proud and pleased with said purchase.
It just so happens to be my first bicycle of my adult life.

It doesn’t look like much now, but over the winter I have big plans for her. Disassemble, powder coat, reassemble and add some sweet accessories (handlebar tassels, spoke beads, the usual). But for this summer, I’m keeping her stock, as I am much too busy riding around town to tackle any of the work now, it’s prime cycling season y’all.

B and I have taken to going for evening rides, which usually finds us parked at the ice cream stand, frantically eating our soft-serve before it’s claimed by the sweltering heat.

On Sunday, I took a little cruise down to the lake (after all the annoying city people left for the weekend), then I hit up the flea market, which made shopping rather unpleasant as I couldn’t purchase anything I couldn’t carry home in a basket… I have a minor addiction to old harvest tables and mis-matched chairs. And of course, they had a bevy of mismatched chairs out front of the shop, $5 for the picking. FIVE DOLLARS! As in cinq dollar!! By the time I rode home to get my car, I had a good chat with my rational self and we made the decision together that I did not NEED another chair.

Thank you bicycle.