As I was driving in to work this morning, all the fields were covered in a layer of frost. It was actually quite lovely, even though it’s a sign that winter is on it’s way. My favorite morning show guy on the CBC has been replaced by some other dude. Not sure if I like him all that much, the other guy was in the same musical space as me and my rides to work were always filled with great tunes. But now everything is off because of this new host. However this morning, with frost-covered fields and the sun just peaking over the horizon, Bob (the new guy) played one of my fav Neil Young songs. (It should be noted that Neil and I have not been on the greatest terms lately due to his newest album, I think he could have done better – but that’s just me – however since we have such a long history, I won’t hold a grudge). Anyway, I felt like it was Bob’s peace offering to me, as to say “Hey Amy, I know I’m not Tom (the original morning guy) but perhaps if you just give me a chance, we could be friends.” So I accepted his offering, cranked my little radio and embraced my new morning co-pilot. (All of this morning drama could be avoided completely if I didn’t have to drive so far to work in the first place, woe is me…)