rainy + grey

The weather man is calling for rain all week. I guess that’s his way of taking payment for the lovely weekend we just had. At least I’ll be inside working all week, so it’s really not that bad I guess.

I had a crappy sleep last night. Both dogs decided they needed to take up as much room on the bed as possible, oh and let’s not forget the constant snoring by Hank (my pug). I ended up staying up later than planned, I got caught up watching some pointless program profiling the late Princess Diana and Kate Middleton (I’m not a royal family follower by no means). The worst part was that I couldn’t turn it off… some things are just bigger than me.

5 Good Things about Yesterday:
1. 2 more Etsy sales (I’m on a roll… maybe I can quit my job soon)
2. No traffic, quite possibly the best drive ever, to and from work
3. Finished Eclipse (yes I’m behind and equally embarrassed)
4. Learned the harmonica part to Mary Jane’s Last Dance
5. Started a fun little blog paying homage to James

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to james with love

What can I say… you can read for yourself here.

weekend review & some

I’ve fallen off the wagon. My promise of daily reflection has been left on the shoulder of a deserted country road and the buzzards are circling. All I can say is that I’ll try harder, but really, that’s no guarantee.

Fresh off a 3-day weekend, I’ve got some gusto in my step (or perhaps it’s all the Easter chocolate pumping through me…). The weather this weekend was fantastic. The mister and I finished up the rest of our yard work then headed out to a friends cottage on Friday evening. We spent the better part of our visit consuming tasty beverages and dying eggs (note: there were no children present… just a table full of adults dying easter eggs). Saturday we hosted the Easter feast at our house. I’ve never prepared a traditional dinner (of sorts) for a bunch of people, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But in the end, it went off without a hitch (and barely dented my OCD). Sunday we headed down to the city for a band jam. Hashed out some new tunes and laughed alot. The big gig is coming up in 2 weeks.

And now I’m sitting back in my little grey cubicle, face forward and fingers tapping away at the keys (pretending to be working, all the while divulging my inner secrets here…). This 5-day week is going to feel like forever.

5 Good things about last weekend:
1. 3-day weekend
2. Sunny, warm weather
3. Good times spent with friends
4. Cooked my first holiday dinner (and it turned out)
5. Caught a recent episode of Top Gear last night, James looked smashingly handsome… lol

weekend review

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The mister worked all weekend, which usually translates to me spending time with my mama. We kicked off Saturday with a hearty diner breakfast, which was fan-tas-tic (and very wallet-friendly). Then we headed out for some retail therapy, trying to beat the gloomy, rainy weather. I scored a super-duper whale of a deal on a cute sweater dress, marked down to an incredible eight dollars (I know!). I also picked up a really nice chef knife in the clearance bin and a new spring jacket. Upon returning to the homestead, we decided to do some baking (and beer tasting) and whipped up a batch of red velvet cupcakes. Which were pretty darn tasty to boot, and were a nice compliment to the banana bread beer (which was sadly the last bottle and is only available in Ireland… boo). After a hearty pasta dinner, I packed up the doggies and we headed home to see the mister. It was a good day.

Sunday was typical. Cleaning and tidying. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Baking and granola making. I tried my hand at a new oatmeal raisin cookie, the results were good, but I think they could be better next time by a few tweaks… a hint more cinnamon and maybe some nutmeg and perhaps a scoop of  greek yogurt to soften them up a little.

With Easter bounding down the trail, it makes for a nice, short work week. We’re having the traditional dinner at our house this year. I’ve never cooked a big dinner before, and I’m slightly nervous. But the mister keeps reminding me that I’m only “re-heating” a ham…

5 Good things about the weekend:
1. Scooping deal on a cute dress
2. Experimented with a new granola recipe that turned out awesome
3. Cleaned out the closet and did a good will run
4. Worked on a new song
5. Spent a nice day with my mom

looking up

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I’m tired today. Didn’t sleep well last night, partially due to the fact that Hank woke up around 2am and started throwing up on the carpet (nice huh). I contemplated the idea of leaving it until the morning, but couldn’t bare the thought of what it might look like by then. So up I got, and scrubbed, then got back to bed.

Friday’s always feel better, but somehow the idea of still going to work takes away any joy. I detest coming to work. I think the biggest factor is my micro-managing, annoying boss; and also my tries-to-hard-to-be-funny co-worker who happens to sit right beside me. I spend more time with this guy than with the mister, something that I try not to think about too much. I’m sorry, I’m in a dumpy mood today.

Good news though, last night I purchased (finally) a vintage school wall map. I’ve been looking for one for quite some time, but they’re pretty scarce around these parts. But low and behold, I found one on eBay last night with a Best Offer option, and to my amazement, my best offer was just what they were looking for. The map features asia, and has a mixture of tangerine oranges and lemony yellows, perfect for my pale blue room. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Breaking News: The boss is sick today… Ya-Hooooo!

5 Good Things about Yesterday:
1. My map (see above)
2. Tasty (and easy) pan-fried fish dinner with broccoli
3. One on one time with Hank (Winnie went to the farm with the mister)
4. Discovered the Turquoise Coast of Turkey  *omg* (thanks to random google images)
5. Got my taxes done (thanks to the mister’s mom)

no frills

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I apologize for yesterday, I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything, as there was absolutely nothing to write about (yes, it’s a gripping life that I lead). Not much has happened in the course of 24 hours either, so today will be a little bland as well, and there’s no amount of salt that could cure it.

I awoke from a strange dream this morning. Strange is a good way though. My favorite band was playing a show in my town, and for some reason before the show they all came to hang out at my house. I was cooking pizza’s in the kitchen and they were all hanging around the island, eating and talking. It was very strange and surreal. I woke up slightly disappointed, leading myself to believe that it could happen one day…


5 Good things about Yesterday:
1. Booked a ton of summer gigs
2. Negotiated a 30 minute workout in turn for an ice cream reward
3. Watched a pretty cool documentary about Great Lake shipwrecks
4. Possibly found the Ray Bans that I’ve been looking for (awaiting shipping info)
5. Decided on some great Easter recipes (I’m hosting this year)

From here to there

Halong Bay, Vietnam {found here}


We, the mister and I, are planning a trip to Vietnam next fall. I’m so enamoured by the beauty of it (at least what I’ve seen in pictures). I cannot put into words how excited I am, and there is still soooo much time between then and now.

My Mondo course is going well. It’s amazing how simple things can make significant changes to the way we think or do things. One of the challenges this week is to simply make your bed each morning (promoting a clean & organized mindset). I’ve always been a “straightener”, but never go to the full extent of making it (only on weekends), but this morning I did. I smoothed, I creased and even added the topper pillows; and you know what – I did feel better, I felt like I creating a clear base to start my day. I think I’ll try to adopt it as a daily practice.


5 Good things about Yesterday:
1. Gained a notable musician follower on Twitter (is it silly that I’m excited by that?)
2. Took the dogs for a long walk after work
3. Cooked a proper dinner for myself (which won’t be the case for tonight)
4. Treated myself to ice cream after my workout
5. Learned Islands in the Stream on guitar